Harbr wins “Data Integration Innovation of the Year”

Jaspar Casey
Product & Content Marketing, Harbr

We’re thrilled to announce that Harbr has won the Data Breakthrough Award for Data Integration Innovation of the Year 2024! This follows on from our award for Data Tech Startup of the Year in 2023, and is a reflection of the growth of the Harbr platform and the success our customers have achieved thanks to our data integration and distribution capabilities.

While the Harbr platform supports several key use cases, one we’d like to draw particular attention to is flexible distribution and integration — in other words, the ability to send data in the most convenient format, to the most useful endpoints, at the right time, to best serve data consumers’ needs.

The reason for this focus is partly due to improvements in how we enable flexible distribution; but primarily because that’s where we see some of the highest-value impact for our customers.

As we enter our eighth year, the capabilities of the Harbr platform that we’ve developed in the last 12 months have transformed our position in the market — and the types of companies we now work with reflects that growth. And while there are many features we could point to, at the core, we are helping organizations to solve the ‘last-mile problem’ for data.

Last year, we were positioned as a private data marketplace with a primary focus on data commerce. We emphasized how we made it possible for massive data vendors like Moody’s Analytics and CoreLogic to bring their data products to market faster, more efficiently, and with higher flexibility for their customers. In 2024, Harbr platforms are now be used to share, collaborate on, and distribute data in any type of environment — for any enterprise with a large data footprint, not just those companies that sell data products.

From working with Moody’s Analytics and other customers, we’ve learned that our data distribution capabilities are uniquely powerful. And distribution is a complex business, because of the variety of source systems, storage and cloud providers, data formats, and target systems or endpoints. Providing flexibility while maintaining robust, secure pipelines is a universal challenge for any organization that needs to move data from one system to another. Harbr’s flexible pipelines and distribution options also keep costs down for both producers and consumers. As Mike Salk, MD Distribution & Media Solutions for Moody’s Analytics, explains, “The key advantage of the Harbr platform has been the flexibility it offers us to deliver data to different types of endpoints. This helps our users integrate those data assets into their environments.”


As we look to the year ahead, there is so much more to come from Harbr. Whether it’s new ways of bringing in, distributing, and integrating data to or from any system; or natural language querying — asking plain English questions of your data and immediately getting useful results back — it’ll only become easier for organizations and data users alike to get more from their data. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

Thanks again to the Data Breakthrough Awards for this incredible honor.

If you’d like to see Harbr’s award-winning platform in action, get in touch.