Discovery Platform by CoreLogic: Optimizing the data consumer experience

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CoreLogic is a leading provider of property insights and solutions. Through its enhanced property data solutions, services, and technologies, CoreLogic enables real estate professionals, financial institutions, insurance carriers, government agencies, and other housing market participants to help millions of people find, acquire and protect their homes.

CoreLogic has the most valuable data assets in the U.S. real estate market. With more than 50 years of real estate and related financial data across 99.9% of the nation and a relentless approach to innovation, they are the market leader in their category. To maintain their position in an increasingly competitive market, CoreLogic partnered with Harbr to combine their world-class data with a new route to market that empowers customers. The result is the Discovery Platform™ by CoreLogic®, a data commerce experience that helps users find the data they need faster, customize it to their needs and drive high-value business outcomes.

Challenges in the modern data market

In an increasingly digital world, it’s critical for businesses to be data-driven in order to remain competitive; however, many lack the skills and processes to achieve this. Moving from an idea or a need to data-driven outcomes can be a long journey, where mistakes cost time and result in missed opportunities.

As one of the largest and most trusted data businesses, customers rely on CoreLogic to provide the data and insight needed to make strategic and tactical decisions about investment, expansion and long-term prospecting in the market, enhanced by their own internal data. However, the complex nature of these use cases can require extensive work on engineering, analysis and integration. CoreLogic decided to transform this process by enabling customers to access their data autonomously to achieve value on their own timelines, aided by increased automation, choice and flexibility.

CoreLogic + Harbr: best-in-class data commerce

CoreLogic chose Harbr’s unique data commerce platform to power its customer experience. The Discovery Platform is a customer-focused environment enabling the production, customization and sale of high-value data products. This includes self-service workflows and automation to accelerate ‘time-to-outcome’.

Embedded model execution and Data Science-asa-Service deliver high-value products that would not otherwise be possible, creating a class-leading data
commerce experience.

A step-change in customer experience

The Discovery Platform experience starts with an intuitive storefront containing all of CoreLogic’s data products. From here, customers can easily:

  • Search, browse and compare products.
  • Quickly trial products to make informed purchasing decisions.
  • Upload their own data and take advantage of CoreLogic’s CLIP™ API to add unique identifiers that make it possible to connect their data to every CoreLogic data product.

The Discovery Platform enables world-class data science services to be delivered within the platform. Using Harbr’s collaboration Spaces, CoreLogic’s data scientists work in direct collaboration with customers to deliver unique, high-value outcomes.

Combining their real estate knowledge and expertise, with the customer’s understanding of the business context and opportunity, they accelerate insights and business outcomes, including:

  • Lead prospecting: Identify prospects based on propensity models and property characteristics.
  • Opportunity qualification: Qualify lending opportunities based on property ownership and equity analysis and real estate purchase opportunities based on property valuation and home price forecasts.
  • Risk analysis: Assess multiple types of risk, including home-price risk, neighborhood risk and peril risk.
  • Market share and competitive analysis: Analyze lending and real-estate sales market share and competitors who won “lost leads”.


Groundbreaking outcomes

The simplicity of the Discovery Platform puts customer value at the heart of the data commerce experience, giving them the tools to create the products and services they need, based on their own unique use cases.

  • Efficient value delivery: Customers can discover, purchase and customize the right products faster and more easily to extract more value when they need it.
  • Enhanced productivity: The Discovery Platform reduces the total cost of ownership for customers through automation, collaboration and higher-value
  • Differentiated value: Collaboration Spaces enable Data Science-as-a-Service to deliver unique insights that create more value for customers, improving retention and avoiding commoditization.

About Harbr

Harbr empowers organizations to build next-generation data businesses. Harbr’s data commerce platform enables data innovators to rapidly build, grow, and scale their data businesses by unlocking and distributing high-value data products. Companies that use Harbr’s data commerce platform can collaborate directly with customers to build high-value data products, increase margins, and rapidly build new revenue streams. Harbr is headquartered in London and backed by Dawn Capital, Tiger Global Management, Boldstart, Chalfen Ventures, Crane Venture Partners, Backed, Seedcamp, and others.