Discovery Platform by CoreLogic: Optimizing the data consumer experience

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Customer at a glance

The market-leading provider of property data and analytics services

Irvine, CA
Annual revenue
$1.8 billion

Customer goals

To maintain its position in an increasingly competitive market, CoreLogic partnered with Harbr to bring its world-class data to market in a brand new, customer empowering platform. The result is the Discovery Platform by CoreLogic, a data commerce experience built on Harbr that helps users:

  • Quickly find the data they need
  • Configure it to their needs
  • Collaborate with CoreLogic’s experts
  • Drive high-value business outcomes

Challenges in the modern data market

Moving from an idea or a need to data-driven outcomes can be a long journey — a challenge many of CoreLogic’s customers face. And while CoreLogic has the most comprehensive property data in the industry, the customer journey from initial discovery and evaluation to delivery is complex, reflecting the diverse use cases its customers have.

CoreLogic’s primary challenge was to provide the best possible environment for its customers to discover, evaluate, customize, and use their data.

CoreLogic’s customers, on the other hand, have very specific and varied requirements in terms of configuration, format, delivery, and many other considerations. The complex nature of these use cases traditionally requires extensive work on engineering, analysis, and integration.

Harbr’s technology has been a major contributor to transforming CoreLogic into providing state-of-the-art property and location data and analytics insights to all our clients.”
John Rogers, Chief Innovation Officer


CoreLogic decided to transform this process by empowering customers with a self-service data platform. The goal was to equip users to solve complex business problems with its industry- leading data by providing increased automation, choice, and flexibility. CoreLogic built this solution, Discovery Platform, on Harbr.

The Discovery Platform experience starts with an intuitive storefront containing all of CoreLogic’s data products. From here, customers can easily:

  • Search, browse, and compare data products
  • Quickly access data samples and trials to make informed purchasing decisions
  • Securely connect their own data to understand how CoreLogic’s data can enhance and accelerate valuable outcomes

The Discovery Platform enables world-class data science services to be delivered within the platform.

Collaboration at the Core

Beyond streamlining the customer experience, Discovery Platform has transformed the nature of client relationships. Using a sandbox environment called Spaces — one of Harbr’s key features

— CoreLogic’s data scientists work in direct collaboration with customers to deliver unique, high-value outcomes.

Jonathan Gallo, one of CoreLogic’s innovation leaders, explains the transformative effect that the Discovery Platform has had:

“The Discovery Platform has redefined our client engagement model. Now we’re deeply involved in our clients’ journey from the very beginning — clearly understanding their goals and their challenges — continuing with them throughout every step of that process until they have something that they can implement as their solution.”

– Jonathan Gallo, Principal Product Manager, Discovery Platform & Cloud Strategy

Groundbreaking data outcomes

The simplicity of the Discovery Platform puts customer value at the heart of the data commerce experience, giving them the tools to create the products and services they need, based on their own unique use cases.

• Efficient value delivery: Customers can discover, purchase, and customize the right products faster and more easily, getting to valuable outcomes more quickly.

• Enhanced productivity: The Discovery Platform reduces the total cost of ownership for customers through automation, collaboration, and flexible delivery options.

• Differentiated value: Collaboration Spaces enable Data Science-as-a-Service to deliver unique insights that create more value
for customers — improving retention and increasing lifetime value.

“CoreLogic’s embrace of data commerce indicates the enormous opportunity present for any company with valuable data. By packaging their best-in-class models and insights as self-service data products, they unlock immense — and immediate — value for their customers.”
– Anthony Cosgrove, Co-founder, Harbr

Building a better future

Discovery Platform by CoreLogic is a perfect example of the immense possibilities of data commerce. By working closely together with Harbr, CoreLogic has been able to deliver the most innovative, intuitive, and value-generating data platform in the industry. And they are only just getting started.

Just one year after Discovery Platform’s 2022 public launch, CoreLogic announced a powerful set of pre-built solutions to meet the needs of the multi-trillion dollar mortgage lending market. These solutions use the power of Discovery Platform in an easy-to-use format.