How do my customers access my Harbr platform?

Harbr platforms are accessed through any modern web browser. Depending on your setup, your customers can access your Harbr with either dedicated login credentials, or through single sign-on (SSO).

Is my Harbr platform publicly accessible?

Access to your Harbr platform is controlled by you. You may choose to have a public website where prospective customers can request access to your platform. A good example of this is Moody’s DataHub, which is built on Harbr.

Can I use Harbr to share non-commercial data products?

Absolutely. Depending on the needs of your business, Harbr platforms are suitable for both commercial (paid for) data products and non-commercial data products. Data consumers can be internal or external to your organization.

Can I use Harbr for internal and external users?

Yes. Harbr platforms are designed for maximum flexibility and security, supporting both internal and external users. For example, internal users may collaborate with various stakeholders to create and customize a data product, which external users may then subscribe to.

Can my customers bring their own data to the platform?

Customers can bring their own data; can securely control access and usage both within and outside of their organization. Customers can also connect their SF instance to query their own data and data products on the platform at the same time. This would be during an evaluation or customization process.

Where is Harbr hosted?

The platform can be hosted and managed by Harbr or by you. If you host the platform, it is deployed into your virtual private cloud (VPC) within either AWS or Google Cloud. Harbr maintains a control plane which is used to monitor, support, and upgrade your platform. 

Do I need to move my data for it to be available on my Harbr platform?

When creating a data product, a copy of the data will be made to support all of the secure collaborations, customized products, and distribution pipelines associated with that data product. This optimizes the user experience, minimizes cost, and reduces risk.

What delivery options are available for my data?

Harbr platforms support distribution of data via browser download, SFTP, and syncing with cloud object stores (AWS, GCP, Azure).

What is a data product?

A data product is one or more data-related assets that are subject to active product management and deliver a defined value proposition to a target market.

In Harbr, a data product typically includes data-related assets, packaging, descriptions, icons, subscription plans, and legal terms.

What can I include in a data product?

A data product can include any digital asset, including tables, files, code, and queries.

Does everyone see every product in my Harbr platform?

No. The data product manager controls the visibility for their data products at both an organizational and individual level. This means each user sees a unique curation of data products.

Is Harbr secure?

Yes. Harbr is ISO27001 (Information Security Management), Cyber Essentials, and IASME Consortium certified. Harbr’s information security strategy is based around the core NIST principles of Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover. If you require more information on Harbr’s security stance, please get in touch.

What is data commerce?

Data commerce is the sale of data products and services from one individual or organization to another.

What is a private data commerce platform?

Harbr is a private data commerce platform. Private data commerce platforms enable the commercialization of data as a product. They typically support the creation, management, discovery, evaluation, customization, and integration of data products. Crucially, private data commerce platforms must be able to support users across different organizations.

Is Harbr a public data marketplace?

No. Public data marketplaces, such as AWS Data Exchange, allow data producers and consumers to participate in browsing and purchasing data products. Harbr is a private data commerce platform that you own and operate as your core data commerce channel. You can create your own marketplace with a Harbr platform. Access to this private environment is granted and controlled by the platform operator. Harbr platform operators typically sell only their own data products.

Do you enable credit card transactions for data?

The Harbr subscription engine integrates with CRM, billing, and invoice systems. However, data products are usually too expensive for credit card transactions, and as a result, payments are typically handled off-platform.

Does Harbr include data products?

No. Harbr is a software platform and does not come pre-loaded with data products.