Data marketplace on AWS

Build and deploy on AWS


Get full visibility of your data assets, wherever they are. Empower your teams to browse, access, and trial data assets in one interface.

  • Make your data ready to use — add metadata, schemas, samples, key-value pairs, unique identifiers, and descriptions.
  • Maintain full governance and control over access to your marketplace, data assets, and compute resources.
  • Easy to deploy and configure within your AWS environment.
  • Available directly from the AWS Marketplace.


Work with your data stack as it is today and avoid costly data migration and centralization. Harbr allows you to connect and use any data assets — wherever they are.

  • Access data in any cloud object store or data lake: S3, Azure Blob Storage, GCS, and Snowflake. You can even create your own private data lake on the infrastructure of your choice.
  • Flexible connectors: Read, write, copy, and distribute data to or from any source in any location.
  • Easy to configure, self-enforcing subscriptions allow your data consumers to access the data via self-service, upon request, or manager approval.


Harbr data marketplaces are the best way to solve the ‘last mile’ problem and unify your data ecosystem.

  • Provide an amazing self-service data marketplace experience for any user — analysts, engineers, scientists, and executives.
  • Create unlimited pipelines and deliver data to any endpoint in any format, right out of the box. No need for your engineers to respond to an endless list of ad hoc delivery requests.
  • Meet your business users wherever they are. Your private data marketplace provides a curated selection of data products appropriate to each individual user.
Create a curated data fabric experience with Harbr