Your private data commerce platform

Harbr helps the world’s best data businesses become even better.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Launch your platform
    Each Harbr platform is a private, fully-branded environment built to drive your core data commerce offering.
  2. Create your products
    High-value data products lead to high-value outcomes. Collaborate with your customers to deliver customized products that solve their biggest business challenges.
  3. Scale your business
    Your Harbr platform scales with your business needs. Generate and maintain healthy margins thanks to low-friction sales cycles and efficient, automated distribution.

Powered by Harbr

Harbr platforms power data commerce experiences for thousands of users around the world.

Moody’s Analytics DataHub
Transform the data experience with Moody’s DataHub, powered by Harbr. Starting with the initial data evaluation through delivery, DataHub is reducing the time it takes to get to actionable data.

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CoreLogic Discovery Platform
The CoreLogic Discovery Platform, powered by Harbr, is a cloud-based data and analytics ecosystem that solves business problems in every category.

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