Monetize and deliver data products with Harbr's award-winning private marketplace platform

Deliver the best data commerce experience
Solve your customers’ biggest problems

Harbr has the tools you need to develop, customize, and deliver data products

Put the right products in front of the right customersGranular controls for packaging, pricing, placement, and promotion

Where they want it, exactly when they want itServe customers where they are — no matter what technology they use.

Flexible on format, location-independentWork with structured or unstructured data. One-click format conversion makes integration with customer systems easy.

Collaborate for superior data outcomes

The best way to give customers what they want is to collaborate

Empower your customersPowerful customization tools let users create the data products they need.

Sell outcomes, not inputsBespoke data products deliver the most value and generate the best margins.

Bring stakeholders together for best resultsAllow multiple users to collaboratively evaluate data products without data leaving the platform.

Control the end-to-end experience

Build and manage a customer experience that keeps costs down and reduces operational risk

Control who can see and access your data productsPlatform, organization, and user-level permissions ensure tight control over your data.

A single branded platform for all your customersIntuitive, e-commerce interface suitable for beginners and experts alike.

Save time with on-platform terms and conditionsIntegrate data sharing agreements and T&Cs into subscription plans to cut weeks off the sales cycle.

Everything a data product manager needs

Tools, infrastructure, and workflows that will transform your approach to data product management

Flexible yet powerful tools to manage data products however you wantCreate, manage, and delete data products on an endlessly scalable platform

Control and de-risk the data customer experienceApply granular permissions with flexibility on terms, users, control, and timing

Monitor activity to understand performance and usage of data productsView all product-related activity including subscriptions and customizations

Accelerate sales cycles and streamline go-to-market

Empower your customers to find, trial, and buy exactly what they need

Encourage exploration and discoveryEnable up-sell/cross-sell with self-service discovery of any products to any customers

Access and evaluate with easeOn-platform data trials and samples help your customers know what they’re buying

Integrate with the tools your customers are already usingEmpower customers with self-service integration of data products into their environment


Harbr platforms deliver incredible data commerce experiences to thousands of customers globally. These storefronts outperform public data marketplaces, giving organizations full control over the end-to-end customer experience.

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Your data commerce journey

The best way to engage, provide value, and grow with your customers is in a private environment. Harbr supports you at the three key stages of your private data commerce journey.


Building strong relationships is vital to any business. Deliver a refined, branded data commerce experience that lays a foundation for strategic customer relationships.


High-value data products lead to high-value outcomes. Collaborate with your customers to deliver products that solve their biggest business challenges.


Your Harbr platform scales with your business needs. Generate and maintain increased margins thanks to low-friction sales cycles and automated distribution.



CoreLogic is a leading provider of real estate data with revenues of $1.8 billion. In 2022, they launched Discovery Platform, built on Harbr, to drive the next generation of revenue growth.