The enterprise data platform


Harbr is architected specifically for the demands of the enterprise. Each platform contains a separate control plane and data plane.

  • Harbr hosts the control plane, dedicated for each platform, with fully packaged upgrades, monitoring, and third-line support. Harbr has no access to data assets.
  • You or Harbr can host the data plane, allowing you to retain custody of all data, control security and change management, and use existing cloud commits and discounts.
data asset management


Security is built into every stage of our software development lifecycle, from Threat Modeling at the design stages, through Software Composition Analysis and Static Code Testing, to Penetration Testing of the final deployed product.

  • Strict access control; SSO capable
  • 24/7 logging and monitoring
  • Sandboxed environments
  • ISO27001 accredited
  • Robust vulnerability management program, industry-standard tooling, and regular audits and assessments
  • AWS CIS 1.2.0, AWS Foundational Security Best Practices & GCP CIS 1.2.0


Platform controls

  • Legal terms and conditions can be attached to the platform and must be accepted before access is provided
  • Deploy the platform to a cloud region/jurisdiction of your choice
  • Organization entitlements control which organizations can see and interact with each other

Data product controls

  • Data products can be categorized and tagged with details of any relevant legislation/regulation
  • Legal terms and conditions can be attached to data product subscriptions and must be accepted before access is provided
  • The data product owner controls the visibility of data products at the user, organization, or platform level  
  • Data access can be time-boxed and access is automatically removed at the end of the defined period


Share data across technical and organizational boundaries and enjoy control over access, usage, and distribution. Harbr is used by some of the largest data-driven organizations to feed AI, analytics, and applications.


Enable discovery, evaluation, customization, and distribution of high-value data products at scale. Harbr powers the data commerce platform experiences of some of the world’s most successful data businesses.

How it works

Your dedicated Harbr platform runs on an architecture optimized for data sharing and data commerce, balancing cost, convenience, and control.


We’ve spent years building a world-class, market-proven data platform — so you don’t have to.


Immediately available in your own private cloud, take full advantage of your existing cloud commitments.


Harbr continually evolves, improving the data user experience and helping you maintain your edge.


Control when upgrades are released to your users to deliver a consistent, reliable and trusted experience.


Your business runs 24/7, and our support team will make sure that continues, with enterprise SLAs to prove it.


Retain custody of your data and models, and enjoy full control over visibility, access and security so you always have peace of mind.


Moody’s Analytics is a leading global provider of financial and risk data and services. Moody’s Analytics launched their centralized hub — the Moody’s DataHub — on Harbr’s platform. Customers can now find, assess, and consume all their data products through a personalized experience.