Challenges and opportunities

Revenue from data monetization in the energy and utilities sector is projected to hit $20 billion by 2030.
Frost & Sullivan
Land management

An Australian energy firm used data productization and efficient cloud data distribution to achieve a drastic improvement in vegetation management, minimizing the risk of service disruption, fires, and electrocution. Ultimately, they achieved annual cost savings of 40%.

Water networks

Thames Water supplies services to 15 million users daily. Using a predictive modeling tool to determine likely flooding incidents, they were able to proactively focus maintenance efforts on the most vulnerable parts of the network. Over a two year period, they stopped 120 incidents, reducing regulatory penalties by a third.


With leaks accounting for a significant proportion of domestic insurance claims, a water network operator used data to save over 4 million gallons of water and reduce potentially costly leaks. This data was then licensed to insurance companies to inform and improve risk models.