Any time, any place, anywhere

Break down the silos that trap your data.

Let’s face it, sometimes the data has to move. But data silos make it difficult, if not impossible. Harbr efficiently delivers data to a wide range of destinations, users, and applications. Move data within and across your organization while ensuring reliability, scalability, and performance.


A scalable way for users to customize data to their needs:

  • Automated pipelines transform the data before distribution.
  • No-code filtering lets anyone customize data to their needs.
  • On-the-fly format conversion gives people exactly what they need.


Choose from a wide range of delivery mechanisms:

  • Sync with cloud object stores and databases.
  • Use SFTP for on-premises and download to desktop.
  • APIs support application developers and technical users.


Automated pipelines deliver data when it’s needed, not just when it changes:

  • Distribute data once, ad hoc, or on a schedule.
  • Choose event-driven processing to deliver data when it changes.
  • Batch and micro-batch processing support a wide range of workloads.


Built on a scalable, fault-tolerant architecture:

  • Parallel processing ensures high performance at any volume.
  • Error logs and notifications keep you informed and provide peace of mind.
  • Data quality and integrity are checked at every step.


Security is built into every stage of our software development lifecycle, from Threat Modeling at the design stages, through Software Composition Analysis and Static Code Testing, to Penetration Testing of the final deployed product.

  • Strict access control; SSO capable
  • 24/7 logging and monitoring
  • Sandboxed environments
  • ISO27001 accredited
  • Robust vulnerability management program, industry-standard tooling, and regular audits and assessments
  • AWS CIS 1.2.0, AWS Foundational Security Best Practices & GCP CIS 1.2.0

The Harbr difference


Harbr’s extensive governance framework is enforced by every feature, giving you complete peace of mind.


Self-service is at the heart of Harbr, letting users move quickly without sacrificing governance, so you can scale.


Collaboration is critical to realizing value, so every feature supports collaborative, asynchronous workflows.

Data products

Harbr was built around the concept of data products to drive the right mindset and unlock maximum value.


Humans drive the value from data, so we designed every capability to be approachable, intuitive and delightful.


Realizing value from data means meeting users where they are. Flexibility has been a key design principle since day one.

Scale your data mesh

Any data, anywhere

Move any data, in any format, to any location, on any schedule. Learn why Moody’s Analytics selected the Harbr platform as the foundation for their next-generation data delivery experience.

Governance at the core

A large Asian bank drastically improved their data distribution capabilities — with governed data distribution at the core of their Harbr platform.

The data you really need

Empower your users with no-code or SQL customization of data products to deliver exactly what they need — no matter the format, location, or use case.