Aboitiz Data Innovation launches Parlay, powered by Harbr

We’re delighted to announce another Harbr customer publicly launching their platform.

Aboitiz Data Innovation (ADI), part of the Aboitiz Group, today announced the launch of their Harbr platform – called Parlay – to accelerate their digital transformation goals.

Aboitiz Group operates across multiple sectors including energy, banking, manufacturing, real estate and infrastructure. Parlay will initially be used by all parts of the group to create, exchange and collaborate on data products. A second phase will make the platform available to external parties, creating new opportunities, and tackling complex social and economic challenges ranging from financial inclusion to emissions reduction

Parlay, powered by Harbr, is part of Aboitiz Group’s digital transformation plans to be prepared for the future opportunities and challenges of an increasingly digital world. The idea behind Parlay is to create a secure environment where businesses can be inspired, collaborate on new opportunities and then create data products that deliver high-value outcomes.

Dr. David R. Hardoon, ADI Managing Director, said “Data is the business of the present. With Parlay, we’re really excited about providing a place where you can exchange the reams of data you have collected for something even bigger and better — an infinite number of possibilities. Ultimately, on Parlay we want users to engage with data of all kinds and leave inspired to do everything from creating new products and services to rethinking business models and ways of working to tackling challenges that can improve people’s lives.”

Harbr’s Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Anthony Cosgrove, commented, “Harbr was built to power the world’s data products and enable real-time collaboration, unlocking insights and value. We are delighted to partner with ADI on their goal to bring together different companies across diverse industries to collaborate on data and deliver real-world outcomes to millions of people.”

Read more about ADI and Harbr’s partnership here.