Moody’s Analytics optimizes its data business with Harbr

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Customer at a glance

A leading global provider of financial and risk data and services

New York
Annual revenue
$2.8 billion

Customer goals

To keep up with increasing customer demands, Moody’s Analytics was determined to offer a better experience for customers and internal stakeholders. Working with Harbr, Moody’s Analytics wanted to:

  • Improve data integration, customization, and flexibility.
  • Standardize, unify, and automate data delivery, while giving customers the power to set their own preferences for both.
  • Build on current data relations by enabling visibility of the full range of data products.


Moody’s Analytics launched their centralized hub — the Moody’s DataHub — on Harbr’s platform. Customers can now find, assess, and consume all their data products through a personalized experience. The Harbr platform enabled Moody’s Analytics to take advantage of other key capabilities, including:

Innovative data products

Creating a central data hub enabled Moody’s Analytics to bring together the data sets offered throughout the business onto a single platform. Having a more holistic view of their offering allows Moody’s to visualize new connections in their data and quickly create new data products tailored to their customers’ needs.

Multiple delivery options

This gives Moody’s Analytics the ability to deliver data through a number of self-serve methods, including S3 and SFTP, instead of manual FTP setup each time.

The Harbr platform allows us to create customized data products and streamline access to our data which has been a great benefit to both customers and internal users.
Michael Salk, Managing Director of Data Distribution and Media Solutions, Moody's Analytics

Secure collaboration

Moody’s Analytics can set up secure cloud-based collaboration spaces for any customer who needs support to meet a unique need.

Combine, model, analyze, and maintain data

The platform allows customers to engineer and combine data products into custom products, which are automatically maintained by the platform and delivered based on customer preferences.

On-platform data access

Data access can be limited to on-platform only. This allows Moody’s Analytics to expose data without losing ownership, and customers to derive insights without the cost and effort of moving data to their environments.


With DataHub, built on Harbr, Moody’s Analytics can:

  • Reduce time spent in the sales cycle.
  • Offer full-volume trials with no loss of data ownership.
  • Enable customers to create customized data products to meet their specific needs.
  • Increase cross-selling opportunity by enabling visibility to a broader product range.
  • Reduce internal silos by creating a centralized data hub that enables their teams and partners to view and collaborate on data products.
  • Improve the customer experience by providing a wider range of data delivery methods.

Looking ahead

Beyond enhancing its customer experience, Moody’s Analytics can now use the platform as their leading source of data delivery across the business. Kathryn Calligaro, Director at Moody’s Analytics, stated: “The ability to allow customers to configure the delivery they want, when they want it has been a winning strategy.” Moody’s Analytics can also collaborate with its customers to unlock new commercial opportunities, such as joint product development and value-add data services. By simplifying and automating data product delivery, Moody’s Analytics has expanded its addressable market to include smaller companies that may have lacked the necessary technical capabilities or resources.

With Harbr, Moody’s Analytics has been able to unify their data product offerings by reducing internal silos and creating more engaging relationships with customers. Harbr has both improved how Moody’s Analytics delivers services today and opened new possibilities for monetizing its data and services well into the future.

Award-winning data commerce

Moody’s Analytics has been recognized with numerous awards for DataHub, including Most Innovative Data-driven Transformation Project at the A-Team Innovation Awards 2022 and Risk Data Repository of the Year at the Asia Risk Awards 2022.