Unlock the full value of your Snowflake data with Harbr

[London, March 21st, 2024] — Today, we’re excited to announce our new Snowflake integration.

Harbr users can now securely connect to data stored in their Snowflake account, productize and share it, collaborate with others using a variety of tools, and distribute it to any location with just a few clicks.

With large enterprises adopting cloud data platforms alongside legacy systems, data estates are increasingly complex and siloed. Data producers need to provide data access while maintaining control, and data consumers have diverse skills, needs, and preferences. This results in data access being slow, difficult, and expensive, negatively affecting business outcomes.

To solve this, Harbr’s cloud-agnostic capabilities allow data to be connected, productized, and shared without having to leave the source system. Harbr’s latest connector now extends this to data stored in Snowflake, alongside the existing connectors to AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and on-premises systems.

Once producers have productized or shared their data, consumers can discover and access it in a self-service interface. Then, subject to the constraints specified by the producer, consumers can access the data at source, perform analysis via a multi-tool sandbox or workbench, or run SQL or natural language queries. If permitted by the data owner, users can even create no-code data pipelines to move the data, or a subset, to wherever they need it to be.

This creates a simple, frictionless experience for anyone to easily get value from data, regardless of where it’s stored. Harbr’s cloud-agnostic approach also allows the business to avoid vendor lock-in and costs associated with data migration and building custom pipelines.

Watch this short video that explains how it all works.

How it works

The Snowflake connector creates an authenticated link between the user’s Snowflake account and the Harbr platform. The connector allows the Harbr platform to directly access Snowflake tables and views. From here, data producers can create data assets and products in Harbr and make these available for data consumers to subscribe to, access, collaborate on, and use. If a data producer has made it possible for data consumers to export the data — a process handled by Harbr’s robust permissioning and access management system — users can export data back into Snowflake or any other major cloud storage, data lake, or data warehouse.

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