Internal data marketplace

Rapidly access data with Harbr


Data visibility is the first step to discovery. Empower your teams to browse, access, and trial data assets in one pane of glass.

  • Immediately understand how useful the data will be with on-platform samples and sandbox mode.
  • Go way beyond the data catalog with automation, subscription, and easy custom pipeline setup.
  • Filter and search for data by category, tags, descriptions, and more.


Harbr allows you to control exactly who can see and interact with data.

  • Maintain tight control over data custody without limiting the value your users can get.
  • Subscription-based controls enforce rules around access, usage, and export.
  • Cloud workspaces allow your users to work with industry-standard tools without any data leaving the platform.
  • Access data in any cloud object store or data lake: S3, GCS, ACS, Snowflake, and Databricks.


Harbr platforms allow your experts —  whether they are analysts, engineers, scientists, or executives — to help themselves to the data they really need.

  • Automations keep your data products up-to-date.
  • Create unlimited pipelines and deliver data to any endpoint.
  • Provide a curated selection of data products appropriate to each individual user.