Harbr and AWS partner to solve the ‘last mile’ for data

[London, January 23rd, 2024] — We are excited to announce that Harbr’s ‘last mile’ data solution is available for provisioning in AWS Marketplace. This extends the relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to solve the last mile for data, making it easier than ever to deploy a private data marketplace.

The last mile of data is notoriously challenging due to diverse users, complex architectures, and the need for strong governance. Harbr’s award-winning private data marketplaces — like Moody’s DataHub — have solved the last mile problem. By coordinating the access, use, and distribution of data across their ecosystem, data owners can meet users’ needs while retaining complete control.

Mike Salk, MD Distribution & Media Solutions for Moody’s Analytics, explained, “The key advantage of the Harbr platform has been the flexibility it offers us to deliver data to different types of endpoints. This helps our users integrate those data assets into their environments.”

In addition to data delivery, Harbr private data marketplaces offer collaborative sandboxes where users can securely query data, regardless of where it’s stored. This unlocks value even when the data cannot be moved.

“We’re so excited to build on the relationship with AWS. It’s now easier than ever for organizations to solve the last mile for data. With secure collaboration and flexible delivery, our customers get outsized returns on their data investments,” explained Leo Spiegel, Chairman and CEO of Harbr.

Harbr private data marketplaces are AWS-certified for security and architecture, and deploy directly into an AWS customer’s virtual private cloud (VPC) account. This allows AWS customers to trial, buy, and deploy their own Harbr platform via the AWS Marketplace.

Learn more on the Harbr website or Harbr’s AWS Marketplace listing.

About Harbr

Harbr is an award-winning provider of data sharing and distribution solutions for large organizations. Harbr serves a diverse range of industries and has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses aiming to leverage data as a strategic asset for commercial and non-commercial purposes. Harbr follows the AWS Foundational Technical Review Best Practices standard, Center for Internet Security (CIS) AWS Foundations Benchmark v1.2.0, and AWS Well-Architected Framework. Harbr is recognized as a finalist at the 2023 DataIQ Awards and winner of the 2023 Data Breakthrough Awards.