Selfish Analyst Syndrome

Caitlin: “Selfish analysts syndrome, the idea that data analysts are only concerned with the work that they need to do. I would love to know your thoughts.”

Anthony: “You know, I’ve been a selfish analyst. Yeah, my focus is very much on getting to what I needed to achieve as quickly as possible. You know, I wasn’t really thinking about leaving breadcrumbs trails for other analysts to follow. Wasn’t really thinking about re use of the work I’ve done.”

Caitlin: “Right. But I’m sure there were other people in your organization that would have benefited from being able to dynamically collaborate with the work that you were doing.”

Anthony: “Absolutely.”

Caitlin: “But it isn’t on the analysts to figure out a way to share that work. Because as you say, work gets done in silos.”

Anthony: “Right. They should just be thinking about how they get to from a to B as quickly as possible. So, so what we’re doing with Harbr is really giving this framework to the analysts. Where by going from a to B as fast as they can on the platform, they do actually leave those bread crumb trails, and then any other analysts that need to do some of that work, all of that work again can pick up wherever they’ve left off, but can also then go on to embellish and change and adapt what they’ve done and then distribute their work at scale.”