Real-time Data Collaboration

Caitlin: “Data collaboration is a hot topic. More companies are starting to talk about it. It’s obviously been a top priority for data teams and data leaders for a very long time. It’s also a core feature of the Harbr platform. I’d love to hear from you what does data collaboration look like on the Harbr platform?”

Anthony: “So when we think about data collaboration in Harbr, we think about the ability for different data consumers and producers to work together in real time. So, you know, the parallel would be working on a Google document that you can all see, you can see the changes happening.”

Caitlin: “Right. I love that analogy because in a world before Google documents, we were just sending static files back and forth. You couldn’t see what your teammates were doing. And sometimes you’d be working on an outdated version or find out that one of your teammates was doing the work that you thought you were supposed to be doing. So having that insight and being able to collaborate in real time is really meaningful. And it just makes data collaboration so much easier when you’re using the harbr platform.”