Harbr Platform Walkthrough

Get to know the Harbr platform

In this video series, Harbr team member Cain demonstrates how easy it is to connect your data, create and manage data assets, and work with data products.

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Create a connector

This video shows you how to easily create a connector in Harbr. Connectors allow you to securely access data stored in various sources, such as Azure Blob Storage, AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, Snowflake, Databricks, and desktop upload. Once you’ve created a connector, this can be used to create data assets in the Harbr platform.


Create a data asset

Learn how to create a data asset in Harbr. Data assets are the building blocks of data products, and include things like tables, notebooks, SQL queries, visualizations, and other files like PDFs.


Manage data assets

Harbr makes it easy to manage your data assets. Learn how to generate metadata, data samples, and other useful context that will help your users understand the data assets. These data assets can then be combined or added to data products.


Manage your data products

In this clip, Cain shows how to manage various aspects of your data products: the data assets themselves; configuring subscription options; and sharing these products with individuals and/or organizations in the private data marketplace.

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