Harbr powers sharing and collaboration for data-driven businesses with the release of Harbr 5.0

[London, July 26th, 2023] — Harbr, the award-winning platform to securely share and collaborate on data, is thrilled to announce the Private Preview of its highly anticipated Harbr 5.0 platform.

This latest release unlocks the value of any data asset, for any consumer, across any boundary. This is made possible by robust yet flexible tools, transforming the way businesses leverage data assets and unlocking opportunities to share and collaborate.

As part of the 5.0 release, Harbr allows organizations to have a unified view of all their data assets. These assets can include tables, notebooks, code, and other files like PDFs and images. On the Harbr platform, data assets can be used or shared directly, or as part of a data product with subscription-based access controls. This allows data asset managers to grant fine-grained data access to users across organizational, technical, or commercial boundaries.

This functionality ensures strong data governance while promoting efficient collaboration and knowledge sharing across teams and organizations, all while lowering cost of ownership and operational overhead.

The Harbr platform serves as the foundation for a number of award-winning data platforms, including Moody’s DataHub, Discovery Platform by CoreLogic, and Parlay by ADI.

Key benefits of Harbr’s platform include:

Users gain access to a curated selection of data assets and products, fostering discovery and facilitating ease of access to the data they really need.

Harbr’s secure workspaces bring people, data, and tools together to support collaborative evaluation and transformation. This ensures data remains safe and private throughout the process and allows users to accelerate time to value.

Harbr significantly improves the experience of distributing data without the costs typically associated with custom pipelines. Self-service workflows and automated delivery provide scalable distribution in any format to any location.

“We’re really excited to introduce this latest set of capabilities to empower data-driven businesses. With Harbr 5.0, we’ve taken the governance and control capabilities we built for data products and extended these to individual data assets,” explains Anthony Cosgrove, co-founder of Harbr. “This new release gives everyone a single place to create, share, and use their most valued data assets across technical, organizational, and commercial boundaries.”

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About Harbr

Harbr is an award-winning provider of data sharing and collaboration solutions for data-driven businesses. Harbr’s innovative platform enables secure data collaboration, discovery, and delivery, empowering organizations to make the most of their valued data assets. Harbr serves a diverse range of industries and has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses aiming to leverage data as a strategic asset for commercial and non-commercial purposes.