The Data Product Mindset:
Peter Bjørn Larsen

Data beyond tables: How to design and fund powerful data products

This latest episode is your blueprint for creating powerful, in-demand data products.

Harbr founder Anthony Cosgrove talks with smart city expert Peter Bjørn Larsen about creating multi-modal data products with user-centric design and ROI at the core. Join their conversation as they go deep on data product management:

  • Moving beyond tables: Discover how to design multi-modal data products that include APIs, dashboards, and apps to cater to different user needs.
  • Funding your data dreams: Learn how to identify a wide range of use cases for your product, opening up diverse funding opportunities.
  • Template magic: Maximize your return on investment by using the same data product template across different contexts.
  • Decoding user desires: Uncover the secret to understanding what users truly want. (Hint: it’s not just the data, it’s the actionable insights)

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