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Companies today face many obstacles to democratizing data. And one of Harbr’s customers, a large media and publishing company, is no exception. Its business users require insights to make data-driven decisions, while its data analysts are often bogged down with requests. Getting the most out of tools like Superset and Tableau is complex and requires technical expertise, leaving many business users out in the cold. The lack of self-service analytics tools slows down decision-making across the organization.

The solution:

Harbr worked with this customer to bridge this gap with its user-friendly, self-service analytics platform. With Harbr, the customer can now provide on-demand analytics tools directly to users at all levels. This eliminates the need for IT intervention and empowers business users to explore data independently, generating valuable insights on their own terms.

Harbr delivers a comprehensive self-service analytics experience through your choice of on-demand tools and infrastructure — which automatically connect to the data.

Key Harbr features used:

  • On-demand cloud workspaces: Harbr provides users with instant access to secure cloud workspaces for all manner of analytics tasks, eliminating the need for lengthy setup times or local installations.
  • Flexible data access: Harbr caters to a variety of user skillsets by offering multiple methods for data exploration:
    • SQL query: Users with a technical background can leverage familiar SQL queries to interact with data directly.
    • Natural language query: For those less comfortable with code, Harbr offers a natural language query interface, allowing users to ask questions of their data in plain English.
  • Connect your own tool: Harbr integrates seamlessly with a wide range of third-party data analysis and BI tools, enabling users to connect their preferred software for further manipulation and visualization.

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