The Harbr difference

Self-service is at the heart of the Harbr experience, letting users do high-value work at pace, without sacrificing data governance or tying up expensive resources.

Our self-service data marketplace platform revolutionizes data consumption, allowing your organization to scale efficiently. By providing native capabilities for every data product, data product managers no longer need to build these features from scratch. This empowers a wide range of user personas to access, utilize, and collaborate with data using the right tools for their specific skill sets.

Effortless access and collaboration

Native capabilities: Every data product comes with built-in capabilities, reducing the need for custom development and enabling rapid scaling.
Wide range of tools: Whether you’re a data scientist, analyst, business user, or engineer, our platform offers tools tailored to your needs.
Collaborative environment: Facilitate seamless collaboration across different user personas, enhancing data-driven decision-making and innovation.

Our platform integrates various advanced features to enhance your data management and usage capabilities:

Sandbox environments: Safely test and experiment with data in an isolated, controlled setting without affecting live data.
Data science workbench: Harbr features a powerful suite for data scientists, offering tools for analysis, modeling, and experimentation.
SQL query engine: Perform complex queries and retrieve insights efficiently with our robust SQL query engine.
Secure credentials: Seamlessly integrate with popular third-party tools, enhancing your data
LLMs/AI models: Utilize large language models and AI capabilities for advanced data analysis and insights.
Export: Easily export data in various formats for use in external systems or for reporting purposes.
Data transformation: Perform data transformations directly within the platform, ensuring consistency and accuracy across datasets.

Why choose Harbr?

Our self-service data marketplace platform not only simplifies data access but also ensures that your organization can scale data consumption effortlessly. With built-in capabilities for each data product, a suite of advanced tools, and seamless collaboration options, we empower every user persona to unlock the full potential of your data.

Experience the future of data management with our all-encompassing platform. Enable self-service, foster collaboration, and scale your data consumption with confidence.

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