The Harbr difference

Harbr’s extensive governance framework is enforced by every feature of the platform, giving you complete peace of mind.

Harbr’s data marketplace platform is designed to provide robust governance over your data’s access and usage. Our technology ensures that every interaction with your data adheres to your organizational policies and regulatory requirements. By controlling the length of data access and defining explicit terms and conditions for data usage, also known as data contracts, Harbr offers unparalleled oversight and security.


Secure data access and sharing

Access duration: Set precise time limits for data access, ensuring users only have access for as long as necessary.

Data contracts: Define and enforce terms and conditions for data usage, ensuring compliance and protecting your data’s integrity.

Onward sharing: Enable secure sharing of data derivatives under specified conditions, maintaining governance over new datasets created from your data.

Secure Data Use

Our platform integrates various advanced features to enhance your data management and usage capabilities:

Sandbox environments: Safely test and experiment with data in an isolated, controlled setting without affecting live data

Data science workbench: A powerful suite for data scientists, offering tools for analysis, modeling, and experimentation.

SQL query engine: Perform complex queries and retrieve insights efficiently with our robust SQL query engine.

Secure credentials: Seamlessly and securely integrate with popular third-party tools, enhancing your data within one interface.

LLMs/AI models: Utilize large language models and AI capabilities for advanced data analysis and insights.

Export: Easily export data in various formats for use in external systems or for reporting purposes.

Data transformation: Perform data transformations directly within the platform, ensuring consistency and accuracy across datasets.


Why Choose Harbr?

Our data marketplace platform not only simplifies data management, but also ensures that your data is accessed and used responsibly. With comprehensive governance features, a suite of advanced tools, and seamless integration options, we empower your organization to unlock the full potential of your data while maintaining stringent control and compliance.

Experience the future of data management with our all-encompassing platform. Secure, govern, and maximize the value of your data with confidence.

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