The Harbr difference

Designed for ultimate flexibility

Our data products marketplace platform is built with flexibility at its core, offering customizable integrations, deployment options, branding, and operating models. This flexibility empowers platform owners, data product managers, and data consumers to seamlessly integrate the platform with their existing technology stack, adapt it to their specific business environment, and ensure it meets their unique needs. The result is a platform that drives tangible business outcomes efficiently and effectively.

Your platform, your choices

Integrations: Our platform supports a wide range of integrations with existing systems, databases, and third-party tools. This ensures that you can connect seamlessly with your current technology stack, enhancing interoperability and maximizing the value of your existing investments.
Deployment options: Whether you prefer on-premises, cloud, or hybrid deployment, our platform can be tailored to fit your IT infrastructure. This flexibility ensures that you can choose the deployment model that best suits your operational requirements and compliance needs.
Branding: Customize the platform’s branding to align with your corporate identity, ensuring a consistent look and feel across all your tools and interfaces.
Operating model: Adapt the platform to your preferred operating model, whether centralized or decentralized, ensuring it supports your organizational structure and workflow preferences.

Flexible data product management

Our platform provides data product managers with robust, flexible tools to streamline the development and management of data products:

Connect to any source: Easily integrate various data sources, ensuring comprehensive and seamless data integration. This capability allows you to bring in data from diverse origins, enriching your data products.
Productize anything: Flexibly register and manage any type of digital object as a data asset, expanding the scope of your data catalog. This versatility ensures that all relevant data, regardless of format or source, can be included in your data products.
Combine data assets: Integrate different types and quantities of data assets into cohesive data products. Add necessary permissions and packaging to ensure that your data products are secure, compliant, and ready for use.

Capabilities for data consumers

Our platform provides a wide range of flexible capabilities for data consumers, ensuring they can effectively utilize data to meet their specific needs:

Sandbox environments: Safely test and experiment with data in an isolated, controlled setting without affecting live data
Data science workbench: A powerful suite for data scientists, offering tools for analysis, modeling, and experimentation.
SQL query engine: Perform complex queries and retrieve insights efficiently with our robust SQL query engine.
Secure Credentials – Seamlessly integrate with popular third-party tools, enhancing your data
LLMs/AI Models: Utilize large language models and AI capabilities for advanced data analysis and insights.
Export: Easily export data in various formats for use in external systems or for reporting purposes.
Data transformation: Perform data transformations directly within the platform, ensuring consistency and accuracy across datasets.

Benefits of a flexible platform

Seamless integration: Connect with your existing technology stack effortlessly, enhancing interoperability and leveraging current investments.
Adaptability: Tailor the platform to fit your business environment, ensuring it aligns with your operational requirements and strategic goals.
User-centric design: Provide users with the tools and interfaces they are familiar with, enhancing usability and adoption.
Rapid business outcomes: Quickly adapt to changing business needs and market conditions, ensuring that your data initiatives drive timely and impactful results.
Scalability: Scale the platform to meet growing data needs and user demands, ensuring continued efficiency and effectiveness.

Why Harbr?

Our flexible data products marketplace platform simplifies the management of data products while ensuring that your team can work together seamlessly. With customizable integrations, deployment options, branding, and operating models, our platform adapts to your unique business environment. Empower your organization to unlock the full potential of your data, streamline workflows, and achieve business outcomes with confidence. Experience the future of data product management with our comprehensive platform.