The Harbr difference

Our platform provides data product managers with powerful capabilities to streamline the development and management of data products:

Create connectors to data sources: Effortlessly connect to various data sources, ensuring comprehensive and seamless data integration. This capability allows you to bring in data from diverse origins, enriching your data products.
Register any digital object: Register and manage any type of digital object as a data asset, broadening the scope and potential of your data catalog. This flexibility ensures that all relevant data, regardless of format or source, can be included in your data products.
Combine data assets: Integrate different types and quantities of data assets into cohesive data products. Add necessary permissions and packaging to ensure that your data products are secure, compliant, and ready for use. This integration enhances the value and utility of your data products.

Benefits of creating and managing data as a product

Enhanced data governance: By managing data as a product, you ensure consistent governance across all data assets. This approach improves data quality, security, and compliance.
Scalable data management: Native capabilities for data products eliminate the need for custom development, enabling rapid scaling and reducing time-to-market.
Improved collaboration: Role-based tasks and asynchronous workflows foster better collaboration among team members, enhancing productivity and innovation.
Data reusability: Well-defined data products can be reused across various projects and departments, maximizing the value of your data assets.
Operational efficiency: Streamlined processes for creating, managing, and delivering data products lead to increased operational efficiency and reduced costs.
Strategic insights: Comprehensive data products provide richer insights, supporting better decision-making and strategic planning.

Why choose Harbr?

Our data products marketplace platform not only simplifies the management of data products but also ensures that your team can work together seamlessly. With role-based tasks, asynchronous workflows, and powerful tools for data product managers, our platform enables efficient and effective collaboration. Experience the future of data product management with our comprehensive platform. Enable collaboration, streamline workflows, and achieve success together with confidence.