The Harbr difference

Our collaborative data marketplace platform is designed to facilitate seamless teamwork by assigning roles for different tasks and supporting asynchronous workflows. This approach simplifies complex processes, such as creating and managing data products, transforming and analyzing data, and delivering data to specific locations. Our platform enables your team to work efficiently and effectively, ensuring success in all data-related endeavors.

Integrated collaboration

Role-based tasks: Assign specific roles for various tasks, ensuring clarity and efficiency in data management and collaboration.
Asynchronous workflows: Support asynchronous workflows, allowing team members to contribute at their own pace and time, without dependencies on synchronous interactions.
Shared workspaces: Enable users to work together in shared environments, promoting transparency and collective problem-solving.

Empowering data product managers

Our platform equips data product managers with robust capabilities to streamline the creation and management of data products:

Create connectors to data sources: Easily connect to various data sources, ensuring comprehensive data integration.
Register any digital object: Register and manage any type of digital object as a data asset, expanding the scope and potential of your data catalog.
Combine data assets: Combine different types and quantities of data assets into comprehensive data products, adding permissions and packaging to suit your needs.


Our platform integrates various advanced features to enhance collaboration and data management:
Sandbox environments: Safely test and experiment with data in an isolated, controlled setting without affecting live data
Data science workbench: A powerful suite for data scientists, offering tools for analysis, modeling, and experimentation.
SQL query engine: Perform complex queries and retrieve insights efficiently with our robust SQL query engine.
Secure credentials: Seamlessly and securely integrate with popular third-party tools, enhancing your data within one interface.
LLMs/AI models: Utilize large language models and AI capabilities for advanced data analysis and insights.
Export: Easily export data in various formats for use in external systems or for reporting purposes.
Data transformation: Perform data transformations directly within the platform, ensuring consistency and accuracy across datasets.

Why choose Harbr?

Our collaborative data marketplace platform simplifies data access and management, enabling your team to work together effortlessly. With role-based tasks, asynchronous workflows, and powerful tools for both data product managers and consumers, our platform ensures efficient and effective collaboration. Experience the future of data management with our all-encompassing platform. Enable collaboration, streamline workflows, and achieve success together with confidence.