Harbr makes it easy to access and work with data

Why Harbr?


Harbr makes it easy to see and manage all your data from a single place. Whether you use PDFs, Excel, files, notebooks, tables or anything else – we’ve got you covered. Just connect your data and enjoy effortless access and organization, regardless of where it’s stored.


With Harbr, your data is magically integrated with all the tools you know and love — without you having to do a thing. From BI to AI, queries to questions, Harbr knows what data works with which tool and takes care of everything. No more copying, pasting, or reformatting — just data on-demand.


Any data can be shared effortlessly amongst your team without having to move or integrate it. This means you can avoid data sprawl, make sure everyone has the right version, and help each other to get the answers you need. Collaborating on data in Harbr is faster and easier than anything you’ve used before.

The benefits of using Harbr

Save time

Stop logging in and moving data between tools. Harbr is an intuitive and powerful way to remove the boring work that’s slowing you down.

Avoid frustration

You’ll no longer need constant support from technical colleagues and have to stop, start, and stop again. Harbr lets you manage your data, on your terms.

Increase focus

Solving data problems quickly and efficiently means you can focus on the day job — making impactful, data-driven decisions that move things forward.

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