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Why Harbr?


As a Business Analyst, you work with diverse data formats like PDFs, Excel files, notebooks, and tables. Harbr consolidates all the data you work on into a single view, so you can easily access and manage it, no matter where it’s stored.


Harbr seamlessly integrates your data with all the tools you rely on, from BI tools to AI platforms. No more tedious copying, pasting, and reformatting. Harbr understands which data works with which tool, providing you with data on-demand.


Share your outputs effortlessly across teams without having to move or transform your data. This means you can avoid data sprawl, make sure everyone has the right version, and help each other to get the answers you need.

The benefits of using Harbr

Save time

Reduce time spent logging into multiple systems and moving data between tools. Harbr’s intuitive platform eliminates repetitive tasks, freeing you up to focus on game-changing analytics.

Delight your users

Make it fast and easy for your users to get the data they need, where they need it. Self-service workflows make it easy for everyone to access and use the data you’ve shared.

Multiply your impact

By combining seamless data access, easy data sharing, and self-service workflows, you can solve the high impact problems that are otherwise out of reach.

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