Solving the data sharing problem

In any large organization, finding a way to share, control, and distribute data is a major challenge. The Aboitiz Group, a conglomerate with annual revenues in excess of $3.9 billion, faced these issues when working on data projects that spanned the many business units. But the difference between Aboitiz and many other large organizations is the proactive approach they took to meeting these data challenges.

Dr. David Hardoon, Aboitiz’s Chief Data and Innovation Officer, summarized those challenges: “I want to be able to access data, analyze it, build on top of it, and extract insight. At the same time, I want this to happen in a zero risk environment. I don’t want to worry about data being copied. Data should belong to the custodian or provider in perpetuity.”

And like any business leader seeking to solve a complex set of problems, he had to carefully map out their approach. Faced with the prospect of a multi-year project to build their own solution, Hardoon turned to Harbr. The fruits of this partnership launched a year ago, in May 2022. The solution? The award-winning Parlay, powered by Harbr.

Since then, Aboitiz Data Innovation (ADI) has been rolling out Parlay across the wider Aboitiz Group. As the data science and AI arm of the business, ADI is using Parlay to help them achieve four key objectives:

  1. Democratize data to develop high-value data products and innovative solutions.
  2. Create ecosystems to unlock possibilities and forge synergies across industries.
  3. Provide a scalable data science capability to drive commercial outcomes throughout the Aboitiz Group.
  4. Leverage data exchange to commercialize data science services across southeast Asia.

Parlay helps ensure that all key players across the Group and the wider region have a secure platform that enables them to develop and deploy data science and AI solutions at scale.

If you want to learn more about how Parlay is helping them address these major data challenges, read our case study.

And if you’d like to talk about this in person, we are going to be at ADI’s AI Summit in Manila on May 10th and 11th. We hope to see you there!