Harbr customer ADI wins prize at the 2022 Regulation Asia Awards for Excellence

Aboitiz Data Innovation (ADI) has been named “One to Watch” in the Data Access & Exchange category at the Regulation Asia Awards for Excellence 2022. The award was given in specific recognition of ADI’s Parlay data exchange platform, which is built on Harbr. ADI is the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence arm of Aboitiz Group, which has revenues over $3.9 billion.

The Regulation Asia Awards for Excellence recognize the continuing excellence of financial services institutions, technology firms, and service providers across the region.

ADI also picked up the ASEAN Innovation Business Platform (AIBP) Enterprise Innovation Award, Philippines. The AIBP Awards provide recognition to organizations which have embarked on innovative projects by utilizing digital tools and technologies. AIBP aims to encourage the sharing of initiatives, and winners act as advocates for innovation in the region.

Dr. David R. Hardoon, ADI Chief Executive Officer and Aboitiz Group Chief Data & Innovation Officer, said, “Winning both the Regulation Asia Awards for Excellence 2022 and the 2022 AIBP ASEAN Enterprise Innovation Awards is an absolute honor for us. This recognition from distinguished organizations suggests that industries are learning the value and ingenuity of data exchange platforms like Parlay in our dynamic times. It gives our team members in the region added motivation, and we deeply value the confidence that our partners and stakeholders have shown in us. On behalf of the ADI team, I’d like to thank Regulation Asia and AIBP for their recognition of our efforts and success.”

The twin awards are recognition for the pioneering work ADI has undertaken with Parlay — a secure data exchange platform used by stakeholders across and outside of the wider Aboitiz Group. Parlay, which is built on Harbr’s data commerce software, allows users to securely and rapidly develop, access, and drive value with data products.

Parlay is key to realizing ADI’s vision of transforming data into meaningful outcomes — whether it’s for making better decisions or reinventing business models. Ultimately, ADI’s key objective is to develop high-value solutions to create valuable new processes, products, and services to better the future of key industries which drive the world.

Harbr’s data commerce platform, which Parlay is built on, enables data innovators like ADI to rapidly build, grow, and scale a next-generation data business. Harbr powers data businesses by enabling customized data product design and delivery at scale to drive significant value and revenue. In addition to running Parlay on the Harbr platform, ADI is also an officially licensed reseller of Harbr in the ASEAN region.

Anthony Cosgrove, co-founder of Harbr echoed Dr. Hardoon’s sentiment. “There couldn’t be a more deserving winner of these awards. Aboitiz has shown great leadership and innovation in the area of data sharing within and between organizational boundaries. The early success of Parlay is a perfect example of Harbr’s flexible and secure vision of data sharing. We’re excited to see how Parlay continues to foster data science excellence, as well as the emergence of other Harbr platforms in the region through our strategic partnership.”

Guy Sheppard, ADI Chief Operating Officer for Financial Services, added, “This partnership has enabled us to take a giant leap forward in terms of our time to market and data product development. The secret sauce behind Parlay is that this platform allows for data access and sharing in a secure cloud environment. This enables our Data Science and AI teams to collaborate and interact directly with the source, sensitive, or production data — inspiring synergies for new opportunities and accelerating business objectives.”

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