Our Commitment to Securing Your Data

By making us part of your data strategy, you are instilling trust in Harbr to protect your valuable data assets. We take that responsibility very seriously and put security at the forefront of our product design, operations and customer engagement.

Securing Your Data Exchange

Data Centers

Your data exchange is hosted within an Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure (coming soon) data center of your choice. Each cloud provider employs a robust physical security program with multiple certifications, including an SSAE 16 certification.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Your data is held in a relational database and encrypted across multiple availability zones within a region. The database is replicated synchronously and backed up to a separate data center of your choosing.

Network Protection

Virtual air gapped networks are created for each service and tight network routing controls within your data exchange allow close route monitoring and network traffic anomaly detection.


We encrypt all data in transit and at rest. Our platform forces all requests over HTTPS, ensuring all traffic is secured in transit and protecting against protocol downgrade attacks.


Users access your data exchange using a unique email address and password. All passwords are salted and hashed using bcrypt and never stored in the clear.

Access Control

Your data exchange administrator is in complete control of the organizations and individuals invited to join your data exchange and their entitlements within it.


Anyone who publishes to your data exchange maintains custody of those data products and controls who is entitled to use them and for what purpose. Even our support staff cannot access them unless entitled to do so.

Maintenance and Support

Your data exchange is monitored for service impacting alarms, event logs, notifications and alerts. Security and anti-malware patches are applied automatically to ensure your data exchange is always up to date.

Additional Security Priorities

Security Accreditations

Employee Security

Secure Software Delivery

Data Privacy and GDPR