Eckerson Group: Bridging Organizational Boundaries with Data Sharing Platforms

Business users can’t easily find or evaluate data they need — Eckerson Group

Anyone that works with data will be familiar with this complaint. Instead of building valuable solutions based on data, users will muddle through various source systems, only to then wait days or weeks for permission from data owners to access what they need.

On the other side, data owners must contend with data requests from both internal and external users that they must individually evaluate for security and privacy purposes.

The solution, according to data experts at the Eckerson Group, is a data sharing platform (DSP).

Data sharing platforms achieve the following:

  • Facilitate the creation and consumption of data assets and data products across data domains
  • Foster a culture of analytics by simplifying data access while governing critical data assets
  • Bridge organizational boundaries and silos

In this detailed yet concise technology brief, analysts from the Eckerson Group explain the common challenges of managing and consuming data at the enterprise level — as well as their specific recommendations on how to overcome these challenges through technologies like data sharing platforms.

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