Harbr customer Moody’s Analytics wins industry recognition

We are delighted to report that Moody’s Analytics has won Risk Data Repository of the Year. The latest edition of the Asia Risk Awards recognized Moody’s for its pioneering platform, DataHub. Built on Harbr, DataHub gives Moody’s customers a holistic overview of risks and opportunities related to credit, real estate, and climate.

“We are proud to offer the DataHub experience to our customers and recognize the customer-first approach of our Moody’s Analytics team and technology partner, Harbr, in this incredible honor.”

– Michael Salk, Managing Director of Media Solutions and Data Distribution

Moody’s Analytics is well known for its industry-leading dataset of credit information, with over 4.5 million active and historical ratings for 60,000+ publicly traded firms. But as Risk.net writes, “Good data supply is only one half of the puzzle. The thing that helped Moody’s Analytics stand out from the crowd this year is what happens to the data afterwards.”

That’s where Harbr’s technology steps in. Our secure, cloud-based collaboration environments, Spaces, allow DataHub users to work together on data and models. This means that data consumers can work either independently or with data experts at Moody’s to customize data products, ultimately crafting a data product that delivers the most value.

“Once a customer has selected the data they need, our Spaces functionality is where Moody’s DataHub stands apart from other platforms.” — Moody’s Analytics

To capitalize on the early success of DataHub, Moody’s has ambitious plans:

“We are continuing to work with our internal partners to increase our offering as several more data products are currently in process for release on the platform later this year,” says Moody’s Analytics.

Harbr co-founder Anthony Cosgrove added, “Moody’s Analytics have set the standard of what a forward-thinking data business looks like. We’re immensely proud to be supporting DataHub with Harbr, and look forward to helping them deliver amazing results for their customers.”

Learn more about the award on the Moody’s Analytics website.