4 Strategic Shifts Every CDO and Data Professional Should Embrace

Want to get more value from your data? Start by learning and embracing strategic shifts.

There is always a continuous fresh buzz around the technologies that will revolutionize your business for the future. But when it comes to data, new technology won’t deliver new outcomes unless it’s accompanied by shifts in strategy, process and mindset.

Watch this on-demand webcast to explore 4 strategic shifts that will truly transform your ability to deliver business value. Plus hear how leading companies are making these shifts successfully.

  • Evolving CDO and Data Roles Drive Business Innovation
  • New Data Products are Driving Business Value
  • Data Ownership Disperses Across the Organization
  • Self-service Data Becomes a Reality

Featured Speakers

Stijn Christiaens
Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder


Anthony Cosgrove
Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder


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