External data management

A lot of business-critical data comes from outside of your company. But acquiring, accessing, and sharing it is a struggle, leading to duplicated effort and costs.

Data management made easy


Your Harbr platform is home to all of your data assets, no matter where they come from.

  • Connect data assets from any cloud storage or data lake: S3, GCS, Azure Blob Storage, Snowflake, and Databricks.
  • Provide your team with a single window into all of your business-critical data.
  • View metadata, schema, data dictionary, and previews for your data assets in a variety of formats: Parquet, Avro, ORC, and CSV.


Avoid duplicated costs and efforts with a unified view of your external data assets.

  • Use a range of the most popular tools in on-demand workspaces: Spark, Jupyter, HUE, Superset, Kawa, and Streamlit.
  • Create unlimited pipelines for each data product.
  • Easily create automations that deliver updates on a scheduled or event-driven basis.


Manage the data consumer experience so that all of your users can find, access, and use exactly what they need.

  • Platform owners can set and manage all user roles, giving each user group the appropriate levels of access.
  • Set and edit platform-wide subscription plans and T&Cs for data products, enforced on log-in with a digital signature.
  • Segregation of duties can be enforced for higher risk activities or those requiring specific skills.