See how you can take your data business to the next level by developing new revenue streams, simplifying operations and elevating customer experience.

Data is one of the world’s most valuable assets. And it can be the foundation for a thriving business — if you take the right approach. There are 5 key capabilities that separate transactional data vendors from high-performing, future-ready data businesses:

  1. Rapid time to market. Getting data products to market fast is essential. You can gain an immediate advantage by deploying a purpose-built data exchange platform — one designed to get data products to your customers with just a few clicks.
  2. Automation for maximum profitability. Automate recurring aspects of the data product lifecycle — like data ingestion, standardization, formatting and export — to supercharge your profits.
  3. Collaboration for differentiation. Differentiate yourself as a valuable data partner through collaboration. It not only brings you closer to your customers, but is the foundation for data services that can represent a new revenue stream.
  4. Custom data products. Create dedicated customer workspaces to deliver premium value to your customers with reduced effort. Double the benefit by turning those custom products into new standard offerings.
  5. Simple, self-service customer experience. Be a hero to your customers by making data easy to find, purchase, consume and update. Offer a self-service digital storefront, a choice of delivery formats, and automatic updates pushed to their preferred destination.

With Harbr, you can lead the market with the speed, flexibility and experience that today’s customers demand. All while increasing differentiation and maximizing profitability.