Data marketplaces, a type of data exchange, are becoming a must-have for enterprises: In a 451 Report survey, 75% of respondents agree that collaborating on data with their partners, suppliers, and customers is becoming more critical to their organization. Two 451 reports offer an objective industry take on the data exchange market and Harbr. Data Marketplace Enabler Harbr Raises Funds, Lands New Customers, discusses the growing role of data in the enterprise and Harbr’s product model, and Coverage Initiation: Harbr Enables Data Marketplaces that are Collaborative offers a broad view of a growing data marketplace, the competitive landscape, and how Harbr’s technology fit in.

Get a comprehensive snapshot on questions about data exchanges, data marketplaces, and Harbr:

  • How you own and operate the exchange you participate in with Harbr
  • How the data exchange has become a competitive landscape of emerging go-to-market approaches—from 3P to distributed ledger technology (DLT) and decentralized and collaborative learning models. Find out who the players are and how their offerings are similar and different, including a SWOT.
  • Why 20% of senior department leaders say they are currently using data marketplaces, and are expected to grow to 27% within two years in 451’s Voice of the Enterprise: Data & Analytics, Data Management & Analytics survey
  • How Harbr has carved out its place in a growing data exchange space based on its diverse use cases and markets for data monetization
  • What makes Harbr’s architectural approach different and how treating data as a product allows data to be managed across distributed resources, both within and beyond organizational boundaries (also known as distributed data mesh).

Together, these two concise reports will give you the big picture on data exchanges, data marketplaces, and an objective view of how Harbr is changing the game.

Learn more about how Harbr can deliver an enterprise data exchange here.