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Amy Chalfen | Hello Harbr

I recently joined Harbr as COO and I want to tell you a bit about why. I have been searching for the right home for the last 6 months (and longer, truth be told). My criteria have been clear:

  • A business with an extraordinary purpose driving its growth, because otherwise what’s the point.
  • That solves hard problems and creates huge value for its clients, because otherwise what’s the point.
  • With a team that makes me want to help them be super successful, even unstoppable. Because otherwise there may be a point, but this is the best kind of motivation to get to the point.

Harbr is building an extraordinary business. It is solving a key, complex challenge that organisations of all types have: how can you work easily with data to package it, reuse it and maximise its value? Harbr is answering the question by thinking about where that value comes from and why it is hard to solve for. 

  • Make it easy to find a data set by enabling simple productization. 
  • Make it easy to manage your data products’ audiences and users. 
  • Make it easy to work with different data products, in controlled but flexible spaces, for inter- or intra-company collaboration. 
  • Make it super secure and cloud-agnostic for maximum collaboration at minimal risk. 
  • Make it simple to export new insights from collaborative exploration. 
  • Make it work always, because you have a multitude of confident, secure and easy choices available.

“Where a client deploys Harbr, it becomes the core of their data and insight-driven ecosystem.”

I have known the co-founders of Harbr for over 2 years. I met them through one of their investors, the great guys at Crane, as I looked at venture investments while at Experian. I could see the potential for creating value and therefore growth. And most of all, I loved the vision and the tone they consistently project. Gary Butler and Anthony Cosgrove – what a pair. Confident, impressive, clear and visionary, but also really, really good people. They have built a team of world-class talent that can take on the world – a team of smart, capable, hardworking and kind humans driven by doing amazing things for clients. 

Thanks for letting me in. It’s going to be a fun ride.