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6 Steps to Publish a Data Product

Trying to get more value from your data?  Data Products may be your answer. Watch this short video to see how to create and publish a data product in 6 easy steps.

Data product creation follows a simple publishing workflow. The publish workflow comprises 6 easy steps: Setup, Source, Review, Schema, License, and Package.

  1. Setup, 
    • Define the product name, how often it will be updated, and the publish team, which must include at least one product manager and a technician.  The publishing team requirement ensures segregation of duties and puts you in control over who can publish products in your exchange.
  2. Source
    • Determine the data Source. It can be ingested through a cloud endpoint or uploaded directly to Harbr.
  3. Review, 
    • Ensure the data is as expected and allows you to indicate if you’re publishing tabular or non-tabular data. Regardless of the data type, your data is instantly synced from any cloud source.
  4. Schema
    • Check and amend the table properties, add metadata, and select which tables can be previewed within the exchange.
  5. Licenses
    • Dictate how the data product can be used. Including, whether it can be exported or used only on the platform, how long a subscriber can access it for, if there is a cost, and any specific terms of use, as you may have with licensed, 3rd-party data.
  6. Package and publish 
    • Confirm the product name, give it a unique avatar, add a description, and determine who can access it.  Click publish!

Congratulations, you’ve created a data product. To learn more, schedule a live demo with our solution consultants or watch our full product demonstration.