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Unlock the Full Value of Your Data With a Collaborative Data Exchange

The full value of data can only be realized by accessing, analyzing and using it to make decisions, derive insights or accelerate data-driven business models. But sharing and collaborating on data is easier said than done thanks to organizational and technical silos and a strong desire of data owners to maintain control. Harbr’s collaborative data exchange breaks down those barriers by preserving distributed data ownership, treating data as products for easy management and consumption, and enabling secure workspaces for big data sharing and collaboration.

Add any data in any format to a custom-branded, secure data sharing platform

Choose who can access each data product and how they can use it — you are in full control
Convert data to products that are managed across their lifecycle by discrete product owners

Connect people, data and tools in secure collaboration spaces 

Publish engineered data products created by transforming and collaborating on data
Routinely update and maintain data through automated data pipelines

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