See How Data Products Increase Data Sharing and Collaboration

Data Products White Paper

Why do companies still struggle to realize the value of their data?

Despite significant investments in technology and people aimed to maximize the value of enterprise data, the promise remains unfulfilled. Traditional data architectures and approaches have created a significant gap between the potential value of data and what’s being delivered today. 

Data products are pivotal to eliminating that gap. This white paper introduces data products and covers their benefits, including:

  • Making data easy to find, use, manage and monetize
  • Embracing distributed data ownership
  • Facilitating data sharing and collaboration
  • Enabling self-service and automation of data access and use
  • Shifting traditional data-related roles
Download ‘Data Products: Eliminating the Data Value Gap in the Enterprise’ now to learn how managing data as a product enhances data sharing and collaboration to fast-track business outcomes. 

Get to know data products and how more data sharing drives scalable, repeatable value from enterprise data.

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