Monetize Data as a Product With Harbr​

Finacial Data Provider Case Study

Learn How a Financial Data Provider Boosted Customer Experience and Streamlined Data Product Operations

The Need
A major global financial services and risk management company relies on delivering data as a product to more than 36,000 customers as its primary revenue stream. But legacy technologies, diverse customer needs and manual processes made that challenging.

The Solution
The company deployed Harbr’s collaborative data exchange as a self-service, custom-branded platform for customers to find, assess and consume their data portfolio through an individually-tailored experience.

The Benefits

  • Offer instant-access, full-volume trials with no loss of data ownership
  • Help customers create customized data products to meet their specific needs
  • Introduce value-added data management capabilities that set them apart from the competition
  • Increase cross-selling revenue by increasing visibility to their entire product range

See how this leading financial data provider transformed how it manages and delivers data products across their lifecycle.

“The ability to launch and maintain innovative data products…in a timely and cost-effective manner is a key factor in maintaining market share.”

Senior Director, Content Solutions

See how a leading data provider transformed its product lifecycle and improved customer experience with Harbr.

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