Discover How You Can Simplify and Automate Data Operations

Unlock the Full Value of Your Data With an Enterprise Data Exchange

You may think of a data exchange simply as a place to buy data. But Harbr’s private data exchange platform is designed to accelerate time to value of data for data operations, data engineering and data science teams. It simplifies data access and use by treating data as a product, automates key data ops processes, and fosters secure data sharing and collaboration on data and models. It expands access to internal and external data sets in a secure, controlled manner for evaluation, discovery, collaborative creation and easy distribution.

Add any data in any format to a custom-branded, secure data operations platform

Choose who can access each data product and how they can use it — you are in full control

Convert data to products and managed them across their data ops lifecycle

Connect people, data and tools in secure collaboration spaces 

Publish engineered data products created by transforming and collaborating on data
Routinely update and maintain data through automated data pipelines

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Learn how a private data exchange can streamline data operations and see Harbr’s platform in action.

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