Data Exchange for Collaboration

Single data ecosystem for collaboration across your divisions, suppliers, partners and customers.

Your data is a valuable asset, especially when it’s shared and collaborated on. Unite departments, divisions, partners, suppliers and customers onto a single self-serve data exchange platform to transform datasets into insights and business outcomes. All while enabling exploration of data, full-volume trials, self-service and easy customization without leaving the exchange. Any data type, any cloud.

By building your own branded data exchange into your cloud, you maintain full ownership, fine-tuned controls and an end-to-end customer experience of your data.

Since 2020, organizations have launched private data exchanges with Harbr in sectors as diverse as banking, real estate and consulting. Moody’s DataHub was one of them. With Harbr’s Data Exchange Sharing platform, you can:

Maintain full ownership

  • Invite-only
  • Fine-tuned user access
  • Secure dual-VPC

Collaborate with customers

  • Data Science rooms
  • Data intake
  • Integrated auto-deliveries

A showroom experience

  • Context-rich previews
  • Secure full corpus trials
  • Curated journeys

Unlock the full value of your data and accelerate data-driven business models by converting data into self-service data products for secure sharing and collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.

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